Aerodynamic body kit Inferno.
The New Mercedes-Benz G-class body kit from BVR and manufactured by TopCar Design can be considered as one of the most advanced products manufactured by the company, and has a huge number of both individual elements and complex components.
The front bumper resembles the AMG corporate style with an A-shaped central spoiler, three air intakes a lower lip splitter, the central A-shaped spoiler cover plates on the right and on the left and a pair of LED running lights with the function of direction indicator.
The front of the car also includes a carbon fiber bonnet, head light protection covers and a Shark logo cover. The engine bonnet is made of carbon fiber and kevlar, the inside of the bonnet is finished with carbon-kevlar composite with «Military» style weave. The design of the bonnet has regular, extensive contours, «gill» air intakes, which corresponds to the TopCar Design corporate style and harmonizes with the G-class itself.
Most of these elements are made of carbon and have two top coating options — for further painting or finishing with carbon.
The basic configuration includes the front bumper with all components, front and rear fender extensions, front fender cover plates, side sills and rear bumper with all components. All other elements are optional.
The uniqueness of this project lies in its time-consuming manufacture, the kit of more than 70 components, made of carbon and kevlar by vacuum molding. All products of the kit have an internal and external part, made from the same high-quality materials (carbon and kevlar), thereby increasing complexity of manufacturing components twofold. But despite complexity of the body kit design, it is very easy to install and does not require additional work and pre-fitting.
Due to complex technological features of manufacture of this high-quality product, TopCar Design is able to produce no more than 1 kit every 14 days! This truly confirms the fact that G-class Inferno is one of the most complex and exclusive kits on the world market. Inferno G-class owner is guaranteed to become the center of attention in any city in any country of the world!