T-Bolt Hose Clamp W4 Stainless Steel HD

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  • SKU STB017019-ASH

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T-bolt hose clamps are perfect for the use with silicone hoses and are also commonly used for high pressure applications where standard clamps are not strong enough. They are also strong enough for clamping high boost applications and even exhaust joints.

Stainless steel or zinc plated wide band, and smooth inner band assures a high torque seal without damaging the hose. Frequently installed on coolant and air-intake systems for construction vehicle, truck, aircraft, marine and bus engines, duct systems, irrigation systems, etc.

T Bolt Clamps are designed to secure pipes and hoses at high pressure, ideal for turbo pressure hoses and high pressure engine cooling hoses. Quality W4 heavy duty t bolt clamps are renowned for quality and reliability. Perfect for the use with Silicone Hoses and are also commonly used for high pressure applications where other clamps simply pop off, and strong enough for clamping Exhausts.

Made by die & spot welding, High tension structure. Moulded bridge plate to ensure perfect sealing function. Rolled band edges to fully protect the Silicone & Rubber Hoses.


Application: Silicone / Rubber / PVC Hoses

Band Clip Width: 18mm - 26mm

Screw Type: M Bolt

Material: Zinc Plated / Stainless Steel